Xiaomi Mijia Light Enjoy Thermal Flask: 500ml Capacity

Xiaomi Mijia Light Enjoy Thermal Flask: 500ml Capacity

Xiaomi has introduced a new thermal flask from its Mijia line, known as the Mijia Light Enjoy Thermal Flask. This flask is tailored to meet the daily requirements of people in need of a dependable beverage container. Priced at just 99 yuan (approximately $14), it can be purchased on Xiaomi Youpin Mall and JD.com.

Xiaomi Mijia Light Enjoy Thermal Flask Features:

The product is equipped with a 316L stainless steel inner liner, recognized for its robustness and ability to withstand heat and corrosion. The inner liner, with a thickness of 0.12mm, is achieved through a process of uniform thickness treatment and spiral thinning. This ensures suitability for various beverages, maintaining the purity of the drink.

Specifications of Xiaomi Mijia Light Enjoy Thermal Flask:

The thermal flask provides a generous capacity of 500ml, making it a practical option for both travel and office settings. It is designed to be easily portable and lightweight, weighing around 215 grams and measuring 65 x 65 x 217 mm, facilitating convenient transportation.

Advanced Thermal Insulation and Design:

This thermal flask boasts advanced thermal insulation capabilities, capable of keeping liquids warm at 68 degrees Celsius for up to 6 hours and maintaining cold temperatures at 10 degrees Celsius for the same duration. Achieved through a multi-layer insulation system incorporating ultra-microwave copper plating technology.

The design of the flask prioritizes convenience and user comfort, featuring a cup lid with a built-in 360-degree silicone sealing ring to prevent leaks, even when the flask is overturned. The outer surface is coated with a skin-friendly paint finish to offer a comfortable and secure grip.

Moreover, it includes a threaded screw cap for effective sealing, a PP drinking mouth that is safe and odorless, and a silicone bottom pad for added durability and a non-slip grip.

The Mijia thermal flask is available in White, Navy Blue, and Misty Blue colors, each enhancing a stylish appearance.

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