Motorola Phones Getting Android 15 Update - Check the List

Motorola Phones Getting Android 15 Update – Check the List

Android 15 testing is currently underway, with numerous developer previews and beta versions released for testing purposes. Google is continuously working on making changes and addressing known issues until the Android 15 stable release is finalized. Motorola users are eager to know if their devices will receive the Android 15 update.

Exciting Android 15 Features

The upcoming Android 15 update is anticipated to be a significant upgrade compared to Android 13 and 14. Early builds have showcased various exciting features of the OS. While specifics will be delved into later, let’s first explore which Motorola devices are expected to be eligible for the Android 15 upgrade.

Eligible Motorola Devices

  • Edge series: Motorola Edge 50 Ultra, Motorola Edge 50 Pro, Motorola Edge 50 Fusion, Motorola Edge 40 Pro, Motorola Edge 40 Neo, Motorola Edge 40, Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, Motorola Edge+ (2023), Motorola Edge (2023)
  • Moto G series: Motorola Moto G84, Motorola Moto G73, Motorola Moto G64, Motorola Moto G54, Motorola Moto G Power (2024), Motorola Moto G (2024)
  • Razr series: Motorola Razr 40 Ultra, Motorola Razr 40
  • Lenovo phones: Motorola Lenovo ThinkPhone

Motorola has not yet released an official list of devices slated for the Android 15 upgrade. Typically, the brand offers three major Android updates for select mid-range and flagship devices, while entry-level phones usually receive only one significant OS update. The list provided above includes Motorola devices expected to receive the Android 15 update, subject to updates based on the latest Android 14 information.

Anticipated Rollout Timeline

Google is expected to wrap up the Android 15 beta phase by June 2024, during which new features are tested and existing issues are addressed. Following this phase, the OS enters the platform stability phase for further refinements and bug fixes in preparation for the final release.

In 2023, Google released Android 14 in October alongside the Pixel 8 series, leading many to anticipate a similar timeline for Android 15. The new OS release may coincide with the introduction of Google’s next flagship smartphone series, Pixel 9, potentially being the first devices to feature Android 15 out of the box.

While Motorola has faced challenges with timely software updates in the past, the brand initiated the stable Android 14 rollout earlier this year. However, compared to competitors like Samsung and OnePlus, Motorola’s update process has been relatively slower. It is hoped that Motorola will improve its update pace with Android 15, although it is unlikely that the stable rollout will commence immediately after the Android 15 release, possibly not until December.

Motorola Phones Getting Android 15 Update - Check the List
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