Xiaomi Mijia 60L Dual-Tank Water Heater P1

Xiaomi Mijia 60L Dual-Tank Water Heater P1

Xiaomi recently unveiled their groundbreaking Mijia Smart 60L Dual-Tank Electric Water Heater P1 into China, featuring clean water technology, quick heating capabilities and intelligent features designed to enrich bathing experiences for families. While initially priced at 2299 Yuan ($318) for pre-sale purchase only; currently pre-ordering P1 costs just 1999 yuan (around $256)!

Specifications for Xiaomi Mijia 60L Dual-Tank Water Heater P1:

The Mijia P1 stands out with its stylish design, measuring only 700mm wide to fit even in compact bathrooms. Thanks to a modern digital display, users can quickly gain access to information regarding functions and temperature settings.

Features and Capabilities that Stand Out:

P1 water heater features dual tank separation and a powerful 3300W heating system to quickly heat water quickly for quick bathing needs, switching seamlessly between single and dual tank modes as needed. Boasting an impressive 720L capacity tank for an uninterrupted hot water flow for approximately 144 minutes of bathing pleasure across your family!

Focus on Water quality and efficiency:

Mijia P1 provides users with an innovative purifying bottle that features scale inhibitors which actively release, effectively reducing limescale accumulation and maintaining clean water quality without needing frequent tank cleanings. Furthermore, with an antibacterial rate of 99.9% they can enjoy an enjoyable yet hygienic bathing experience.

Energy Efficiency and Durability:

Prioritizing energy conservation, the P1 offers an impressive 80% hot water output rate - exceeding national energy efficiency standards - thus significantly cutting electricity costs while simultaneously decreasing environmental impact. Furthermore, its top-of-the-line Mijia long-lasting electric resistance magnesium rod ensures its longevity without needing replacement over time.

Smart Integration and Safety Measures:

The Mijia P1 water heater features HyperOS technology to integrate seamlessly with Xiaomi's smart home ecosystem, offering users remote control via the Mijia app and scheduling pre-heating sessions and peak electricity modes to optimize energy use and save costs. Plus, with nine layers of safety protection systems built-in to the P1, users are ensured a stress-free bathing experience!

Warranty and Customer Assurance:

Xiaomi provides customers with peace of mind regarding both longevity and performance with their machine by offering an eight-year leakage replacement guarantee on inner tank leakages, giving customers confidence in both product longevity and performance.

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