Xiaomi Launches HyperOS 1.5 Update

Xiaomi Launches HyperOS 1.5 Update

Xiaomi is introducing a significant update, referred to as HyperOS 1.5, for its flagship smartphones. This update brings new features and enhancements to several devices, marking the completion of HyperOS 1.0 and paving the way for HyperOS 2.0.

Xiaomi Bids Farewell to Old Changelogs

Xiaomi has declared its departure from “old boring changelogs” and is enhancing HyperOS updates with innovative testing methods. The Xiaomi 14, Xiaomi 14 Pro, Xiaomi 14 Ultra, and Redmi K60 Ultra have all received this new HyperOS update, which features a detailed changelog. This aligns with Xiaomi’s previous announcement and indicates the initial steps towards HyperOS 2.0.

The update, which we refer to as HyperOS 1.5, includes a very detailed changelog for the four flagship smartphones. Given Xiaomi’s typical update release policy, this update is essentially HyperOS 1.5, even though Xiaomi hasn’t officially labeled it as such.


  • Optimize the number of preloaded apps to speed up app launching.
  • Improve startup animation to reduce application startup selection.
  • Enhance system resource collection during app switching to improve application flow.
  • Optimize memory usage.
  • Fixed the issue of system reboot caused by cleaning.


  • Fix the issue of cloud synchronization failure when attachments exceed 20MB.


  • Introduce a new travel assistant function with intelligent reminders for train and plane trips (requires the intelligent assistant app version 512.2 and above, SMS version 15/0.2.24 and above, and MAI engine version 22 and above).
  • Fix abnormal zoom issue when clicking the music widget.
  • Repair display issues when adding clock widget with low consumption rate.

Lock Screen

  • Optimize the lock screen trigger section to reduce mis-touches when entering the editor.


  • Fixed the issue where the clock couldn’t be closed by pressing the button after ringing.


  • Enhance the sensitivity of calculator keys.


  • Optimize video synchronization measurement to improve screen broadcast smoothness.
  • Fix long loading times for album previews when many pictures are generated quickly.
  • Repair issues causing the time of photos to be lost during cloud synchronization, affecting the date display.
  • Fix the problem where deleted photos reappear in cloud synchronization.
  • Repair time card playback issues on some models.
  • Fix album preview issues when taking many photos in quick succession.

File Manager

  • Optimize File Manager loading speed.

Status Bar and Notification Bar

  • Fix the issue of notification icons not being fully displayed.
  • Repair blank notifications that only show icons.
  • Fix incomplete display of the 5G phase after changing font size and switching three-way font.

The extensive changelog justifies why this update is considered “HyperOS 1.5.” It is not clear if the update will be limited to China, but it has been initially released there. Meanwhile, Xiaomi is gearing up for the launch of new foldable smartphones like the MIX Flip and MIX FOLD 4 and is also developing HyperOS 2.0, which will be officially announced in October.

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