Xiaomi Introduces 2 New Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Globally

Xiaomi Introduces 2 New Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Globally

Xiaomi today unveiled two Bluetooth speakers as part of their global collection - the Xiaomi Sound Pocket and Outdoor models.

Xiaomi Sound Outdoor Speaker System

Specifications for Xiaomi Sound Outdoor Speaker: Xiaomi will release three color variants of its Sound Outdoor speaker: black, blue and red - each designed for portability. Rubber feet provide stability as does an adjustable carrying strap to make transport easy while its powerful 30W subwoofer, passive radiators and tweeter ensure an impressive audio output despite its small form factor.

Features of Xiaomi Sound Outdoor:

This speaker was made to handle extreme environments, achieving IP67 dust and water resistance ratings. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.4 technology for seamless device connection and user-friendly control buttons for user ease of use, as well as up to 12 hours of playback at 50% volume from its 2600 mAh battery pack, Xiaomi Sound Outdoor boasts stereo sound by connecting with another speaker - or connecting up to 100 units together for an expansive sound system!

Xiaomi Sound Pocket

In contrast, Xiaomi offers the Xiaomi Sound Pocket as an efficient yet compact solution. Offered in black color for personal use and with waterproof/dustproof IP67 rating for weather resistance; this speaker produces 5W output within its lightweight yet portable body with up to 10 hours of playback at 40% volume!

Please Note: Although specific release dates for Europe and North America have yet to be released by the company, an announcement should soon follow.

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