AI Videos: TCL Premieres Romantic Movie Generated by AI

AI Videos: TCL Premieres Romantic Movie Generated by AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has caused considerable ripples throughout various industries, particularly video production. One such application of this tech is SORA by OpenAI which creates extremely realistic videos.

TCL Enters into AI Content Creation Industry

Though still early days for AI-generated video technology, its future looks bright. TCL plans on unveiling a movie featuring characters made real through AI technology in 2019.

TCL Television of China, and second largest producer globally, holds 12.5 percent market share with their television products bundled with TCLtvPlus; an ad-supported free streaming service similar to Samsung TV Plus.

Service offers an expansive array of offerings, such as over 200 FAST channels and more than 1500 on-demand movies and series from major studios like NBC Universal, Scripps Media and Fremantle - among many others.

AI in Entertainment: "Next Stop Paris"

TCL's platform has expanded to incorporate original shows that use artificial intelligence for various functions, most notably animating characters. Their first AI-aided romantic film, "Next Stop Paris," featuring AI-generated characters is already making waves as an intriguing departure from typical high-budget Hollywood productions.

"Next Stop Paris", one of the first AI-driven movie trailers, exhibits admirable quality despite its early debut. While TCL could improve several aspects such as lighting, fabric details and hand movements - which should allow further expansion on this impressive trailer.

TCL uses AI animation in combination with real actors' motion capture for moviemaking - creating an innovative hybrid approach.

Future Prospects And Audience Expectations

AI capabilities currently are insufficient to produce full-length films of the caliber expected by audiences; however, advancements could significantly transform streaming services by enabling entirely AI-generated content production.

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