Tecno Phantom V Fold 2 5G & Flip 2 5G: EEC Certified

Tecno Phantom V Fold 2 5G & Flip 2 5G: EEC Certified

At the start of 2023, Tecno unveiled their Phantom V Fold foldable phone. By late summer that same year, the company unveiled their inaugural clamshell-style foldable device named Phantom V Flip. As we enter 2024's second quarter with no official news regarding an iteration 2 Phantom V Fold or V Flip smartphone being developed by them yet, however recent indications indicate Tecno may indeed be developing second generation Phantom V Fold and Flip smartphones.

Tecno Phantom V Fold 2 and V Flip 2 5G Certification

Recent findings demonstrate that the Tecno Phantom V Fold 2 5G can be identified through model number AE10 while Phantom V Flip 2 5Gs have been assigned an AE11 designation; previously used Phantom models had their model numbers identified with AD10 or AD11. While EEC certification has confirmed their potential existence, further information regarding features and functionalities have yet to surface.

Potential Upgrade Options to Chipset

Notably, Geekbench listings for both models were first identified between January and February this year; respectively the AE10 was seen using D9000+ and 8050 chipsets; similarly the first-gen Phantom V Fold and V Flip are currently powered by these same chipsets; it seems unlikely Tecno will use similar ones again for subsequent Phantom V Fold 2 models thus leading to potential differences between Geekbench listings for them and official reports for further insights into them.

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