Xiaomi Begins Testing HyperOS 2.0

Xiaomi Begins Testing HyperOS 2.0

Xiaomi has begun testing HyperOS 2.0. According to the XiaomiTime team, new details have surfaced confirming the official testing of HyperOS 2.0. There had been rumors circulating about HyperOS 2.0 for several weeks, but their credibility was uncertain. Now, the XiaomiTime team has uncovered significant evidence proving that HyperOS 2.0 is indeed in the testing phase. This crucial information will now be shared: HyperOS 2.0 is set to be officially unveiled in October.

Xiaomi Accelerates Work on HyperOS 2.0

Xiaomi has officially ramped up efforts on HyperOS 2.0. A newly identified extension called [OSBigversion] has been found on the Xiaomi OTA server. This extension is designed to specify HyperOS versions. For instance, if you’re using HyperOS 1.0, the extension will appear as [OSBigversion] => 1.0. Similarly, if you’re on HyperOS 2.0, it will show as [OSBigversion] => 2.0.

In the past, there was no OSBigversion extension; instead, a [Bigversion] extension was used for major MIUI versions. This [Bigversion] extension indicated the major MIUI versions, such as “[bigversion] => 14” for MIUI 14. Xiaomi has utilized this type of extension for many years. Now, a special “OSBigversion” extension has been introduced specifically for HyperOS.

Ensuring Smooth Updates

This new extension has been added to the OTA server to distinguish between different HyperOS versions. With the implementation of the [OSBigversion] extension, new HyperOS versions will be delivered to devices seamlessly, ensuring smooth updates without any issues. This development signifies that the work on HyperOS 2.0 has officially commenced.

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