Xiaomi 11T Pro Receives HyperOS Update - Latest News

Xiaomi 11T Pro Receives HyperOS Update – Latest News

Xiaomi has introduced its latest Android interface, HyperOS, for the Xiaomi 11T Pro model. This newly unveiled interface boasts enhanced visuals and animations, incorporating elements reminiscent of iOS design features like a universal blur effect and fresh lockscreen customization options, garnering positive reviews among users.

Xiaomi 11T Pro Receives HyperOS Update

The Xiaomi 11T Pro, previously operating on MIUI 14 based on Android 13, is now being upgraded to the Android 14-based HyperOS. Notably, this update will serve as the final one for the Xiaomi 11T Pro, having already received its third Android update, with the device originally launching on Android 11.

HyperOS Arrival for Xiaomi 11T Pro

Previously, it was announced that the Redmi K40 and K40 Plus models would receive the HyperOS update, and now the Xiaomi 11T Pro is joining the list. The latest system update from Xiaomi for the 11T Pro weighs in at 5.2GB and includes the April 2024 security patch. The update is identified with the version number OS UKDEUXM.

The rollout of the update has commenced for European devices and is expected to gradually reach other regions. Prior to this, the Mi 11 series was updated with HyperOS, and now the focus has shifted to the Mi 11T Pro. This update signifies the last for the Mi 11 series, showcasing Xiaomi's commitment to maintaining device relevance with four user interface upgrades and three significant Android updates. An image of the new interface was shared by Nightlake.

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