Volchar 40A Home Charger with Smart App Control for Ultra-Flexible Cable and High-Performance Charging

Volchar 40A Home Charger with Smart App Control for Ultra-Flexible Cable and High-Performance Charging

The Volchar 40A Home EV Charger represents a cutting-edge innovation tailored to enhance the charging process for electric vehicle (EV) users. This device incorporates a range of advanced functionalities aimed at optimizing efficiency, longevity, and user convenience, positioning it as a top-tier option in the realm of EV charging solutions.

Impressive Charging Capabilities

At the core of the Volchar charger lies its remarkable charging performance, capable of delivering up to 12kW at 240V. Moreover, users can adjust the current output within a range of 10A to 40A, allowing for personalized and efficient charging experiences. Whether users seek swift recharges or prefer a slower approach to maximize energy utilization, the Volchar charger provides unmatched flexibility.

Robust and Weather-Resistant Design

Crafted to endure daily usage under varying weather conditions, the Volchar charger features a 25-foot cable made from highly durable materials that remain pliable even in extreme temperatures as low as -30℃ (-22℉). Its NEMA 4-grade aluminum alloy backplate shields against UV radiation, ensuring reliability both indoors and outdoors. The charger's user-friendly design, including a comfortable handle and smooth charging plug, enhances the overall charging experience.

Seamless Integration and Control

A standout feature of the Volchar charger is its seamless synchronization with the Volchar App, accessible on iOS and Android platforms. This intuitive application empowers users to schedule charging sessions, monitor charging statistics, and adjust settings remotely. Supported by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, and compatibility with Google and Alexa voice control, managing the charging routine becomes incredibly convenient, placing control at the user's fingertips.

Volchar 40A Home Charger with Smart App Control for Ultra-Flexible Cable and High-Performance Charging

Designed to accommodate all EV models in North America, the Volchar charger comes equipped with a J1772 plug, ensuring universal compatibility. It is certified by FCC and CSA, adhering to UL safety and reliability standards, providing assurance for owners of various EV models.

The Volchar charger exceeds the NEMA 4 standard, offering maximum protection against harsh weather conditions. Its water-resistant construction makes it resilient to rain, sandstorms, and blizzards, ensuring uninterrupted charging regardless of the weather. Additionally, its UV-resistant materials ensure durability and consistent performance, even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Volchar 40A Home Charger with Smart App Control for Ultra-Flexible Cable and High-Performance Charging

Equipped with an enlarged heat-dissipating aluminum alloy backplate, the Volchar charger remains cool even under direct sunlight, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 50℃. This advanced heat management system guarantees optimal performance and durability in challenging conditions.

Flexible Installation Options and Warranty

The Volchar charger offers flexible installation choices to accommodate various preferences and requirements, including plug-in or hardwire setups. Whether opting for a simple wall-mounted arrangement or a more permanent hardwired connection, the Volchar charger delivers versatility and convenience.

Backed by a substantial 5-year warranty and supported by professional customer service based in the US, the Volchar charger provides reliability and peace of mind for extended periods. Its sturdy construction and state-of-the-art features ensure lasting performance, establishing it as a premium EV charging solution.

Price and Availability

The Volchar 40A Home EV Charger is currently available for $539 at Walmart or through the official Volchar website.

In conclusion, the Volchar 40A Home EV Charger sets a new benchmark for excellence in the realm of electric vehicle charging. With its exceptional performance, durability, and user-friendly features, the Volchar charger emerges as the ideal choice for powering your electric vehicle journey, promising a seamless and efficient charging experience every time.

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