Vision Pro Gets Developer Strap (USB-C Dongle) from Apple

Vision Pro Gets Developer Strap (USB-C Dongle) from Apple

Apple Vision Pro is now officially available for purchase with a collection of nearly 600 apps designed specifically for the headset. Although this number may seem substantial, it falls short compared to the extensive app stores of the iPhone and iPad.

Apple Introduces “Developer Strap” for Vision Pro

In an effort to support developers, Apple has introduced a “Developer Strap” for the Vision Pro, priced at $300. It essentially functions as a USB-C dongle allowing developers to make a direct connection between the headset and a Mac.

The strap is exclusively available through the Apple Developer website and is targeted at developers who can use this USB-C dongle to “accelerate the development of graphics-intensive apps and games.”

This likely means compiling and debugging apps directly on the device, bypassing the need for a wireless connection. However, Apple hasn’t confirmed if file transfer is also possible (via 9to5Mac).

Developer Strap Benefits for Vision Pro Projects

While development options are available for other Apple devices like Apple TV and Watch, transferring VisionOS apps with 3D features can be cumbersome over Wi-Fi. Hence, the Developer Strap can be particularly valuable for developers working on Vision Pro projects involving these advanced features.

However, it’s important to note that Apple is strictly positioning this accessory for developers and not for consumers. Thus, it’s not available through the regular Apple Store. Instead, it can only be ordered via the Apple Developer site and currently by only US-based developer account holders.

Interestingly, the Developer Strap includes a built-in speaker, as developers need to replace the right audio strap that comes with Vision Pro.

Vision Pro Demos Now Available in Apple Stores

Separately, Apple Stores in the US are now providing 25-minute Vision Pro demos, showing the device’s capabilities, available content and apps, and more. The headset might launch in additional countries later this year.

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