Toyota’s Chairman reveals brand's advancement in ICE technology amidst the rise of EVs

Toyota’s Chairman reveals brand’s advancement in ICE technology amidst the rise of EVs

Toyota’s Chairman, Akio Toyoda, recently made a bold claim about the future of internal combustion engines (ICE) in the context of reducing carbon emissions. Speaking at a press conference at the Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyoda announced that Toyota is actively developing next-generation ICE models that will play a crucial role in achieving a carbon-neutral environment. This statement has gained attention from industry watchers and policymakers alike.

Role of ICEs in Achieving Carbon Neutrality

According to Toyoda, there is still a practical and necessary role for ICEs in the pursuit of carbon neutrality. Despite the rapid advancements and adoption of battery-electric technology in modern cars, the development of engine technology remains an important step towards the future. Toyota believes that refining engine technology is essential in achieving a carbon-neutral environment.

Advanced Internal Combustion Engines

Toyota plans to introduce its next-generation vehicles equipped with advanced internal combustion engines as early as this year. The company’s focus on cutting-edge engine technology aims to safeguard Japan’s automotive sector, which currently employs around 5.5 million people. The main challenge in ICE vehicles lies in significantly reducing carbon emissions, and Toyota aims to address this through various means. These include the implementation of higher compression and cleaner burning technologies, as well as the development of engines that run on cleaner hydrogen fuel.

Impressive ICE Models Showcased

At the Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota showcased some impressive ICE models, such as the GR Yaris and the Lexus LBX RR Morizo Concept, which features a powerful 300hp engine. These models, along with others currently under development, hold great promise for the future of ICE vehicles with reduced emissions. However, Toyota recognizes the need to enhance its technology to compete with the growing popularity of battery-electric EVs, which have become the preferred choice among consumers.


Toyota’s Chairman, Akio Toyoda, firmly believes that internal combustion engines still have a future in the pursuit of reduced carbon emissions. The company’s commitment to developing next-generation ICE models with advanced engine technology showcases its dedication to achieving a carbon-neutral environment. While battery-electric EVs have gained significant popularity, Toyota aims to strike a balance by refining engine technology and exploring cleaner fuel options. This approach ensures that ICE vehicles continue to play a practical role in the automotive industry’s transition towards a sustainable future.

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