The US Market Welcomes LG's Mega Capacity Smart WashCombo Washer Dryer

The US Market Welcomes LG’s Mega Capacity Smart WashCombo Washer Dryer

The LG Mega Capacity Smart WashCombo Washer Dryer is now available in the US. This new model from LG features a Direct Drive motor and Inverter HeatPump Technology. It offers the largest capacity in its range and has a quick two-hour cycle for washing and drying clothes.


The LG Mega Capacity Smart WashCombo washer dryer is designed to handle large fabrics, including king-size comforters. It utilizes the inverter HeatPump technology to enhance energy efficiency and provide a quieter operation. The machine also comes with an integrated LCD digital dial for easy control.

With over 20 cycles to choose from, this washer dryer offers versatility in cleaning different types of fabrics. It also has a companion app that allows for remote operation. Users can control the machine using voice commands through Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa. The app also utilizes LG's SmartThinQ technology for remote management, providing updates, progress alerts, and Smart Diagnosis.

One of the standout features of the LG Mega Capacity Smart WashCombo is its use of AI technology. The machine assesses the fabric, load size, and dirt level and adjusts the cycle accordingly for optimal cleaning performance. It also includes convenient features such as ezDispense automatic detergent and softener dispensing, as well as the ezLintFilter for effective lint removal. The ezDispense feature can handle up to 31 auto detergent and dispensing washes.

Pricing & Availability

The LG Mega Capacity Smart WashCombo washer dryer is priced at $2,999. The machine's Direct Drive motor comes with a 10-year LG warranty. With its premium price tag, LG is targeting customers in the higher end of the economic spectrum. As for global availability, there are no clear details at the moment. However, it is expected that LG will expand its availability to other international markets in the future.

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