Tesla Marks 10th Anniversary in China: 1.7M+ Owners & Growing

Tesla Marks 10th Anniversary in China: 1.7M+ Owners & Growing

Today is a momentous occasion for Tesla in China as the company commemorates the 10th anniversary of introducing its inaugural Model S cars to Chinese customers. Since its inception in 2014, Tesla has witnessed substantial growth within China's electric vehicle sector.

To mark this significant milestone, Tesla Asia shared a celebratory message emphasizing the safety achievements of the Model S and the continuous dedication of the company to advancing electric vehicle technology.

Tesla's Impact in China

With a vast community of over 1.7 million Tesla owners in China and a global network exceeding 6 million, Tesla's influence on the automotive industry is undeniable. China's commitment to the adoption of new energy vehicles (NEVs) is evident as NEV ownership has surpassed 20 million.

Key Moments in Tesla's China Journey

Noteworthy milestones in Tesla's venture in China include handing over Model S keys to the first Chinese owners, such as prominent personalities like Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, and Li Xiang, the founder of Li Auto. The establishment of the Shanghai Gigafactory in late 2019 represented a significant turning point for Tesla in China, boasting an annual capacity of over 950,000 vehicles, making it Tesla's largest facility worldwide.

Safety Features and Market Strategy

Tesla's Model S has gained acclaim for its safety features, achieving a maximum 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP and U.S. NHTSA across all NHTSA subcategories in 2014. The active safety system, incorporating technologies like Autopilot hardware and Lane Departure Warning, showcases Tesla's unwavering dedication to innovation and safety.

In response to escalating competition, Tesla recently enacted a price reduction across its entire model lineup, bolstering its attractiveness in the Chinese market. The latest announcement revealed a price cut of 14,000 yuan ($1,930), rendering Tesla vehicles even more accessible to consumers.

Tesla Marks 10th Anniversary in China: 1.7M+ Owners & Growing
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