Sugon unveils Mechanike desktop setup featuring i7-14700K and RTX 4060 at an affordable price of 8,499 yuan (~$1200)

Sugon unveils Mechanike desktop setup featuring i7-14700K and RTX 4060 at an affordable price of 8,499 yuan (~$1200)

Chinese computer manufacturer Mechanike has recently unveiled a new addition to its Sugon lineup, offering an impressive array of hardware components. With an initial price of 8,499 yuan (~$1200), the Sugon desktop setup is specifically designed to meet the needs of users with demanding computing requirements.

The Powerhouse Configuration

At the heart of this Sugon model lies the 14th generation Intel Core i7-14700K processor, a 20-core 28-thread powerhouse capable of reaching a maximum core frequency of 5.6GHz. To further enhance its processing capabilities, the system is equipped with the Nvidia RTX 4060 8GB graphics card, providing a substantial boost for graphics-intensive tasks. Additionally, the setup boasts 16GB of DDR5 5600MHz high-speed memory and a spacious 1TB PCIe 4.0 high-speed SSD, ensuring swift and efficient data access.

A Cooling System for Optimal Performance

The host chassis features the WINDCROSS 5.0 water-cooled cooling system. This advanced cooling solution incorporates a three-in and three-out balanced air duct layout, along with a 240 full-blood specification water-cooled radiator and customizable lighting effects. The light strip offers 16 preset lighting effects, allowing for easy switching and software dimming, while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the system. Furthermore, the host provides a range of interfaces, including 2 USB-A interfaces, 1 USB-C interface, and 1 3.5mm audio interface on the front.

Connectivity and Power Supply

While detailed specifications regarding the rear interface and other connections have not been officially disclosed, the system is equipped with a 650W 80PLUS bronze power supply, ensuring stable and reliable performance. Additionally, the Sugon desktop setup includes a WiFi 6 wireless network card and supports Bluetooth 5.2.

Operating System and Weight

The Mechanic Sugon computer host comes pre-installed with the genuine Windows 11 Home Chinese version. Weighing approximately 15kg, the entire system, known as the Mechanic Dawn Desktop, offers a high-performance computing solution tailored for demanding tasks such as gaming, content creation, and other resource-intensive applications.

With its powerful hardware configuration and advanced cooling system, the Sugon desktop setup from Mechanike is a compelling choice for users seeking a high-performance computing solution. Packed with impressive specifications, this system is well-equipped to handle a wide range of demanding tasks efficiently and effectively.

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