Spotify to Charge $5 More Monthly for Premium Hi-Fi Audio Feature

Spotify to Charge $5 More Monthly for Premium Hi-Fi Audio Feature

Spotify is reportedly close to introducing a high-fidelity audio add-on for its streaming service, according to a Bloomberg report. This new premium tier is expected to cost an additional $5 per month and will come with several new features, aside from the enhanced audio quality.

Existing Spotify Premium subscribers will have the option to integrate the HiFi tier into their current plan, resulting in a total monthly cost of $16.99, considering the upcoming base price increase to $11.99 for Premium. According to Bloomberg, this add-on will also feature playlist creation tools tailored for specific activities, dates, or seasons. Although Spotify had initially announced its HiFi audio plans for 2021, the launch was never realized. Since then, there have been various speculations regarding this premium tier. Last year, Bloomberg mentioned a potential “Supremium” HiFi plan at a higher price, while The Wall Street Journal indicated that the add-on might include a remix feature that allows users to adjust playback speed.

Features and Leaks

In 2023, code discovered within the Spotify app provided additional hints about the potential features of the HiFi add-on. This leaked code suggested the inclusion of 24-bit lossless audio, AI-driven playlist creation, and a mood-based song filtering tool for playlists. More recently, a Reddit user found code mentioning “lossless has arrived” within the app. Another user later shared leaked UI elements that referenced lossless quality reaching up to 2,117kbps and the availability of 24-bit/44.1kHz for certain songs using the FLAC audio format.

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