Season 20 of Apex Legends Arrives with 'Breakout' - Introducing EVO Harvesters and Exciting Additions!

Season 20 of Apex Legends Arrives with ‘Breakout’ – Introducing EVO Harvesters and Exciting Additions!

Apex Legends is back with its latest season, “Breakout,” promising to shake things up for veterans and newcomers alike. As the game celebrates its fifth anniversary, players are invited to explore a series of exciting updates and enhancements designed to refresh the experience.

Customize Your Characters with Legend Upgrades

The heart of Season 20 lies in the introduction of the Legend Upgrade system, a feature that allows players to customize their characters in battle with upgrades for armor and abilities. This means that each match now offers a unique opportunity to adapt and refine strategies, making the gameplay more dynamic and personal.

New Armor and Shields Mechanics

Armor and shields have also been reimagined. Gone are the days of scavenging for body shields on the battlefield. Now, Legends start with inherent armor that grows stronger as they evolve in the game. This change, along with the ability to swap Shield Cores, adds a new layer of strategy to managing defenses.

EVO Points and Communal Boosts

Earning EVO points has become more integral to the game, encouraging players to engage in combat to improve their Legend’s capabilities. Whether it’s landing damage, assisting in knocks, or completing various in-game actions, players have numerous ways to evolve and gain an edge over their opponents.

A new feature, EVO Harvesters, introduces a communal way to boost your squad’s EVO points, emphasizing teamwork and strategic planning. Meanwhile, EVO Caches offer a rare loot item that can instantly upgrade a Legend, further intensifying the competition for resources.

Revamped Ranked Play

Ranked play receives a comprehensive overhaul in “Breakout.” With the aim of making the ranked experience more rewarding and transparent, changes include the return of splits and a more straightforward scoring system that emphasizes eliminations. The updated matchmaking system now pairs players based on their RP, ensuring fair and challenging matches.

Thunderdome and Performance Mode

Thunderdome, a new map, promises to bring high-stakes action with its unique design and dynamic environments, testing the adaptability of every player. Additionally, the introduction of a Performance Mode means that players with compatible consoles can enjoy smoother, faster gameplay. The season also brings Breakout Rewards, offering players the chance to unlock Legends and exclusive cosmetics. As Clubs retire, a new system, Tags, allows players to personalize their profiles further.

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