Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra: Leaked Renders Show Dial Design

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra: Leaked Renders Show Dial Design

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event is rumoured to take place in early July. As usual, the South Korean brand is expected to unveil the next-generation foldable phones, smartwatches, hearables, and the much-awaited Galaxy Ring. Now, we have a first look at the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra in leaked renders shared by reliable tipster Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka onleaks). It is expected to be the top-most model in the Watch 7 series.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra leaked renders

The first thing that stands out is the unique but also confusing design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra. It’s hard to tell if the dial is square or circular. It appears to be a circle on top of a squarish base. Samsung could be setting the Watch 7 Ultra apart from other models in the lineup with this new design that deviates from the traditional all-circular look.

The Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra will feature the iconic glossy rotating bezels with grooves instead of numbers. On the right side of the smartwatch, there are two physical buttons, similar to previous Galaxy Watches. However, there is also an additional crown-like button between the two, which could be akin to the Action button on the Apple Watch Ultra. The other side of the Watch 7 Ultra has larger cutouts for speaker grilles.

Unique Features and Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra has wider straps, and the fitting mechanism appears to be different. There are a lot of sensors in circular and square shapes on the back of the wearable device. It is confirmed to retain the temperature sensor. The upcoming Watch 7 series is rumoured to come with blood sugar monitoring.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra will have the same 1.5-inch display as the Watch 6 Classic. The circular screen means that the company won’t have to rework the UI on the upcoming offering, which would have been necessary if it had a square dial. Dimension-wise, the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra measures 47 x 47.4 x 16.4 mm, which is larger than the Watch 6 Classic. It’s clear that the smartwatch will be bulkier.

Competing with Apple

Samsung seems to be taking on the Apple Watch Ultra with the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra. We will learn more in less than two month’s time.

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