realme 12 Pro+ gets Android 15 Beta 2 update

realme 12 Pro+ gets Android 15 Beta 2 update

After Google’s release of Android 15, realme quickly followed suit by launching Android 15 Beta 1. Now, Android 15 Beta 2 is available for the realme 12 Pro+.

The initial Beta 1 update for the realme 12 Pro+ wasn’t stable, and unfortunately, Beta 2 also contains some bugs. It’s crucial to back up all your data before installing this update. Note, this update is only for the Indian variant of the realme 12 Pro+. Avoid installing it if you own a different version.

realme has provided instructions for installing the Android 15 Beta 2 update on the realme 12 Pro+ and highlighted known bugs. If you find Android 15 unsatisfactory, you can revert to Android 14.

realme 12 Pro+ Android 15 Beta 2 Installation Guide

To install the Android 15 Beta 2 on your realme 12 Pro+, download the update package from the provided link. Ensure your device is running the latest Android 14 version, specifically Android 14 (RMX3840_14.0.0.1001(EX01)). Confirm you have the Indian variant and the latest firmware before proceeding to install Android 15 (RMX3840_14.0.0.02).

  1. Transfer the downloaded firmware to your phone storage.
  2. Enable developer mode.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Software Update > Settings in the upper right corner > Manually select the installation package.
  4. Choose the downloaded firmware package and click install after it loads.
  5. The system will reboot.

Rollback to Android 14

If Android 15 doesn’t meet your expectations, you can revert to Android 14 by downloading the rollback package here.

  1. Back up your data before starting the rollback process: Settings > Additional Settings > Back Up and Reset > Backup & Restore, and then select the data to back up.
  2. Ensure your battery is over 30% and do not turn off your phone during the rollback process.
  3. Follow the same procedure you used to join the Android 15 Developer Preview, but this time use the rollback package.

Known Issues

  1. All user data will be erased during the upgrade.
  2. Some system functions may not be available.
  3. Certain parts of the interface might not display correctly.
  4. Some applications may not function properly or be fully operational.
  5. The system could have stability issues.

For further questions regarding the Android 15 Beta 2 update, visit realme’s official forum.

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