PS5 Pro Enhanced Label: Game Requirements for Upscaled Resolution & Frame Rate

PS5 Pro Enhanced Label: Game Requirements for Upscaled Resolution & Frame Rate

The highly anticipated PS5 Pro is anticipated to be released later this year. Recent leaks and rumors have provided a wealth of information about the upcoming gaming console. New reports are now shedding light on the games currently in development for this advanced system. Sony is planning to utilize PS5 Pro Enhanced labels for games that meet specific criteria to harness the full capabilities of the console.

PS5 Pro Enhanced Label Revealed

For those unfamiliar, Sony initially introduced the Enhanced label with the previous generation PlayStation 4 Pro. Games bearing this designation are designed to leverage the hardware enhancements of the Pro version. The leaked specifications for the PS5 Pro indicate upgrades in the GPU and specialized hardware tailored for ray-tracing acceleration.

Advanced Features and Specifications

Based on documents obtained by Insider Gaming, the PS5 Pro will introduce an exclusive graphics mode, featuring PSSR for upscaling resolution to 4K, maintaining a consistent 60 frames per second, and enhancing ray tracing effects. Internally known as the Trinity Engine, this Enhanced label will be enabled by the console's anticipated 28% faster RAM, a 67% larger GPU, and a 45% faster GPU compared to the standard PS5.

Requirements for PS5 Pro Enhanced Games

To qualify for the coveted PS5 Pro Enhanced tag, games must meet one of four specified criteria. These include achieving a higher target resolution for titles running at a fixed resolution, attaining an increased target maximum resolution for games running at variable resolutions on the standard console, delivering a higher target frame rate compared to the standard variant, and incorporating ray-tracing effects enabled specifically for the PS5 Pro.

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