Poco's Debut Tablet with Stylus Support Unveiled by Certification Body

Poco’s Debut Tablet with Stylus Support Unveiled by Certification Body

Last month, it was announced that Poco is in the process of developing its inaugural tablet. The unveiling took place on the European EEC certification platform, showcasing the product under the name "Tablet brand POCO model," definitively establishing it as a tablet.

Poco Stylus Unveiled

Subsequently, there has been minimal information disclosed about the tablet. However, a stylus branded under Poco has emerged on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification database. This stylus is identified by the model number 2407CMPBCG and is named "POCO Stylus," with the certification displaying a rudimentary representation of its design.

Design and Specifications

The Poco Stylus exhibits a design reminiscent of popular styluses such as the Apple Pencil. Operating within the 2402-2480MHz frequency range, it is anticipated to operate on software version Kwak_Pen_FW_User_V0.0.6. Notably, the stylus possesses a unique model number distinct from other styluses within Xiaomi's range, differing from the Xiaomi Stylus Pen and its second-generation counterpart.

Poco's Tablet Venture

Regarding Poco's debut into the tablet market, details are currently sparse. There is a possibility that, akin to many Poco smartphones, the tablet may be a rebranded version of an existing Xiaomi or Redmi tablet model. However, this remains a conjecture at this stage, based on informed speculation.

Rest assured, any forthcoming developments concerning the Poco tablet will be promptly shared with our audience.

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