Pixel Tablet undergoes testing for voice typing toolbar by Google

Google tests Pixel Tablet voice typing toolbar

Google's Gboard Unveils a Minimalistic Toolbar for Voice Input on Pixel Tablet

Google's Gboard, the popular keyboard application, is gearing up to introduce an innovative feature that focuses on voice typing for the Pixel Tablet. With the release of the latest beta version (13.7) of the app, Google has implemented significant modifications to elevate the overall user experience. Instead of retaining the conventional full keyboard layout, they have opted for a more straightforward and sleek design.

Streamlined and Effective Toolbar

The highlight of this update is centered around a streamlined toolbar option in a pill shape that will be displayed when users engage the Google Assistant voice typing functionality. According to Google, this new user interface is aimed at allowing users to "Maximize your screen real estate while using voice input."

The primary objective of this toolbar is to offer users an unobstructed view of their screen during voice-based typing sessions. It has been meticulously crafted to be compact and efficient, showcasing only essential functionalities without occupying excessive screen space.

Handy Features at Your Disposal

The toolbar comes packed with several convenient features that enrich the voice typing process. Users can swiftly adjust settings, employ voice commands, switch to emojis, and access their clipboard with ease. Moreover, the toolbar's flexibility enables users to reposition it on the screen as per their liking, including vertically, thus enhancing its adaptability for a variety of tasks and personal comfort.

Moreover, users will continue to benefit from text suggestions near the typing area, facilitating seamless typing and editing processes. When the situation calls for a full keyboard layout, it remains just a tap away for users.

Availability and Future Outlook

Currently, this new toolbar feature is exclusive to a specific Pixel Tablet running on Android 14 QPR1. Regrettably, it is not yet supported on other devices such as the Pixel Fold.

While the extension of this feature to additional devices, like Pixel phones, remains uncertain, it is evident that this forward-thinking approach to voice typing harbors significant potential. Google had previously alluded to a similar feature for phones last year, hinting that this novel voice typing method might not be limited to tablets exclusively.

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