Pixel Buds Pro 2 Colors Leaked Ahead of Launch

Pixel Buds Pro 2 Colors Leaked Ahead of Launch

With Google’s hardware event set for August 13th, early leaks have begun to emerge about the anticipated announcements. While the main focus is expected to be on the Pixel 9 series and the Pixel Watch 3, a recent leak hints at another addition: the Pixel Buds Pro 2.

According to typically reliable leaker Dylan Roussel, the Buds Pro 2 will be available in four colors: Raspberry, Mojito, Porcelain, and Haze. Given that the original Pixel Buds Pro debuted in 2022, a new version this year seems plausible.

Color Options and Battery Details

The “Raspberry” shade stands out as it resembles the rumored pink variant of the Pixel 9. “Mojito” is a light sage green, while “Porcelain” and “Haze” are more neutral tones.

The Pixel Buds Pro 2 has been certified by UL Demko and Safety Korea with the model number GH8tQ. The UL Demko certification indicates that the charging case has a Li-ion battery capacity of 650mAh, a slight enhancement from the 620mAh in the original Pixel Buds Pro.

Google claims 31 hours of playback with ANC off for the original model, so the new version might offer slightly longer battery life. The Safety Korea filing also includes a live image of the charging case’s battery unit.

Specifications of the Original Pixel Buds Pro

There isn’t much more information available about the Pixel Buds Pro 2 yet. To provide context, let’s recap what the current Pixel Buds Pro offers.

The Pixel Buds Pro features a custom six-core audio processor and supports Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for an uninterrupted listening experience. Google has equipped the buds with sensors that gauge pressure in the ear canal to actively relieve it, ensuring comfort.

The earbuds also offer seamless switching between frequently used Android devices without needing to access the Bluetooth menu and can be connected to two audio sources simultaneously.

Performance and Durability

They provide up to 7 hours of playback with ANC on, and up to 11 hours with it off, without needing a recharge. The earbuds support wireless and quick charging, delivering up to one hour of playback with just a 5-minute charge. They are rated IPX4 for splash resistance, while the case holds an IPX2 rating for water resistance.

Pixel Buds Pro 2 Colors Leaked Ahead of Launch

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach Google’s event on August 13th.

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