Specially Designed for Meizu 20/21 Series: PANDAER 80W GaN Charger at Approximately 139-149 Yuan (~$20)

Specially Designed for Meizu 20/21 Series: PANDAER 80W GaN Charger at Approximately 139-149 Yuan (~$20)

Meizu is set to launch a limited edition PANDAER 80W GaN charger, as revealed on the “PANDAER Panda Factory” Weibo. Named “Rui Yi Qing,” which translates to “Bless everyone for their forge ahead,” the edition indicates an improved charging solution and a faster and safer charging experience for your device. The GaN charger, with an expected price range of 139-149 yuan (~$20), introduces a unique aesthetic element to the conventional charging accessory.

Improved Charging Solution

The 80W GaN charger from PANDAER is designed to be compatible with Meizu 20 and Meizu 21 series, offering support for Super mCharge and an overcharging protection system. This ensures swift, efficient, and safe charging for Meizu users. The charger utilizes “high-density stacking technology,” resulting in a power density of 1.1 W/cm³. This compact design contributes to its efficient performance.

Support for Fast Charging Protocols

In addition to its compatibility with Meizu devices, the PANDAER 80W GaN charger also supports various fast charging protocols. These include PD, PPS, SCP, and UFCS. When paired with a suitable fast charging cable, it can deliver up to 27W fast charging for Apple devices, showcasing its versatility.

Unique Aesthetic Appeal

This limited edition PANDAER charger adds a touch of style and personalization to the essential charging accessory. It caters to tech enthusiasts who value both performance and aesthetics. Meizu aims to make this unique charging head accessible to a wide audience with its anticipated price range.

A Symbol of Progress and Personal Style

For those invested in the Meizu ecosystem, the PANDAER 80W GaN power adapter in the “Rui Yi Qing” limited edition becomes more than just a functional accessory. It represents progress and serves as a fashionable expression of personal style.

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