Oppo Find X8: Telephoto Macro Camera, 5000mAh+ Battery Expected

Oppo Find X8: Telephoto Macro Camera, 5000mAh+ Battery Expected

Oppo is anticipated to unveil the Find X8 this October. Meanwhile, the Find X8 Ultra is expected to debut in the first quarter of 2025. As the launch approaches, more details about the Find X8 series are emerging, with a recent leak from tipster Smart Pikachu providing insights into the telephoto camera and battery size of the X8.

Oppo Find X8 Telephoto Macro Camera and Battery Size Leak

According to the information, Oppo is testing a telephoto macro lens for the Find X8 series. While a telephoto lens typically captures clearer images of distant objects, a telephoto macro lens combines this capability with that of a macro lens, allowing it to capture detailed shots of both distant subjects and very small, close-up objects.

When questioned about the battery size of the Find X8, the leaker mentioned it would be over 5,000mAh. This suggests the battery could range from 5,100mAh to 5,500mAh. Previous reports indicate that the Find X8 will feature the Dimensity 9400 chipset, which is based on TSMC’s advanced second-generation 3nm N3E process.

Configuration and Performance Enhancements

In terms of configuration, the D9400 chip is expected to include one Cortex-X5 super core running at 3.4GHz, three Cortex-X4 super cores, and four Cortex-A7 series large cores. This new chipset is projected to offer significant improvements over its predecessor, including a 34 percent reduction in power consumption and an 18 percent increase in performance at the same power and complexity levels.

The Find X8 Ultra is speculated to come with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset. Additionally, there are rumors about a third model, tentatively named the Find X8 Pro. However, there is currently no solid evidence to confirm its existence.

Oppo Find X8: Telephoto Macro Camera, 5000mAh+ Battery Expected
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