Insta360 Go 3S Leaks: 4K Recording & Action Pod Support Revealed

Insta360 Go 3S Leaks: 4K Recording & Action Pod Support Revealed

Insta360, recognized for its remarkable 360 cameras, is preparing to unveil a new model, the Go 3S, on June 13th. Prior to the launch, well-known leaker Igor Bogdanov (@Quadro_News) has released the official renders and specifications of the action camera.

Design and Features

The Go 3S appears to be a progressive upgrade over last year’s Insta360 Go 3. The renders show that it maintains the compact design of its predecessor, reminiscent of an oversized Tic Tac with an eyeball.

The most significant enhancement seems to be the move to 4K video recording. The Go 3 was limited to a 2.7K resolution at 30 frames per second. This increase in resolution could attract users who value higher-quality footage.

Accessory Compatibility

The leaks also indicate that the Go 3S will remain compatible with the existing Action Pod accessory. This accessory converts the small camera into a more conventional action camera form factor, providing extra features along with the improved video resolution.

The action camera also surfaced on an Amazon listing (which has since been removed) that hinted at a 128GB storage option. The listing suggested a feature set mostly similar to the current Go 3.

Launch and Availability

The global release date for the Go 3S is still uncertain. While its launch in China is scheduled for June 13th, there’s no information yet on whether this will be an exclusive release or if a broader release is in the works.

Overall, the leaks point to a modest upgrade for the Insta360 Go series. The transition to 4K video recording is a positive development, but specifics such as pricing and worldwide availability are still unknown. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement from Insta360 to get a complete understanding of the Go 3S.

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