OpenAI Developing Alternative to Google Search, Hiring Googlers

OpenAI Developing Alternative to Google Search, Hiring Googlers

With the advent of ChatGPT, Google recognized the necessity to develop a comparable large language model, resulting in the creation of Gemini. OpenAI, in turn, appears to have drawn inspiration from Google's own product, Google Search. Recent reports reveal that OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, is actively recruiting individuals from Google to work on incorporating a search functionality into ChatGPT, positioning it to rival Google Search.

ChatGPT has been granted access to the internet by OpenAI for approximately a year now. This access, however, is limited to paying subscribers who can utilize the chatbot to obtain real-time information from the web. Additionally, an integrated version of Microsoft’s Bing web browser within ChatGPT can assist users in retrieving web-based information. Nevertheless, this implementation comes with its unique attributes and restrictions, setting it apart from the original ChatGPT experience.

According to reports from Bloomberg, OpenAI is now focusing on enhancing ChatGPT by introducing a search feature that will scour the web for updated information, complete with proper citations. The company is actively recruiting engineers from Google's search team for this project, although the exact number of hires remains undisclosed.

Developing an alternative to Google Search poses a formidable challenge, yet OpenAI has cemented its presence with a sizable user base. Additionally, OpenAI's partnership with Microsoft could provide valuable computational resources for this endeavor. Meanwhile, Google is cognizant of the impending challenges and is reportedly working on making its search product more agile and adaptable to market changes. For instance, Google's recent introduction of a generative AI feature, the Search Generative Experience, exemplifies its efforts. The evolution of Search in response to the competition between these tech giants promises an intriguing future ahead.

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