Omdia Analyst Predicts Arrival of Nintendo Switch 2 with 8-Inch LCD Display in Upcoming Year

Omdia Analyst Predicts Arrival of Nintendo Switch 2 with 8-Inch LCD Display in Upcoming Year

Rumors have been circulating about the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2, the successor to the original Switch released in 2017. With the increasing popularity of handheld gaming consoles like the Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Ally, and MSI Claw, Nintendo has been falling behind in the competition. However, new information on the Switch 2 has been revealed by Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayase.

According to Bloomberg, Hayase, who conducts research based on company supply chains of small and medium displays, has shared the latest details on the Nintendo Switch 2. The upcoming console is expected to feature an 8-inch LCD screen, which is a significant improvement from the 6.2 and 7-inch displays found on the original Switch's standard and OLED variants.

Furthermore, the analyst predicts that the Nintendo Switch 2 will drive a doubling in the shipments of amusement displays by 2024. Although the report does not provide any additional information, Bloomberg considers the source to be credible.

In the past year, Nintendo reportedly showcased the Switch 2 to fellow publishers and developers for the first time at Gamescom. Leaks suggest that the console will be powered by the Nvidia Tegra 239 chipset but will not support DLSS. There are also rumors that the upcoming device will support 1080p gameplay with Ray Tracing and may potentially come with a processor based on either 5nm or 8nm node.

Today's leak regarding the Nintendo Switch 2's release later this year is not the first time such information has surfaced. Another analyst previously claimed that the console could debut in 2022, priced at around $400.

In conclusion, the Nintendo Switch 2 is generating excitement among gaming enthusiasts as rumors and leaks continue to provide insights into its features and specifications. With an expected larger display and potential advancements in processing power, the Switch 2 may prove to be a significant upgrade for Nintendo fans.

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