Noise Luna Ring: Affordable Smart Ring Goes Global

Noise Luna Ring: Affordable Smart Ring Goes Global

Noise Luna Ring, a health-focused wearable that made its debut in the Indian market last year, has now initiated a global crowdfunding initiative on Indiegogo. Interested buyers can avail of a Super Early Bird offer priced at $229, reflecting a substantial 23% markdown from the standard retail cost of $299.

Global Crowdfunding Campaign

The campaign assures worldwide shipping, targeting a delivery timeline of May 2024. While details about the post-campaign availability of Luna Ring beyond India remain undisclosed, customers can select from a range of color options including Midnight Black, Sunlit Gold, Lunar Black, Stardust Silver, and Rose Gold.

Luna Ring Features

The Luna Ring, weighing 3.2 grams, slightly heavier than some rival products, delivers an array of health metrics. It encompasses functionalities such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen (SpO2) tracking, and skin temperature assessment.

Comprehensive Health Tracking

Distinguished by its extensive health tracking capabilities, the smart ring offers over 70 metrics, surpassing basic monitoring features. Users can delve into their sleep patterns using features like sleep score (ranging from 0-100), sleep stage tracking (including deep sleep, REM sleep, light sleep, and awake time), and nighttime movement monitoring. Additionally, the device evaluates blood oxygen levels while asleep to detect potential breathing issues.

For fitness tracking, the Luna Ring provides an activity score that factors in calorie objectives, workout frequency, and intensity. It automatically detects activities, obviating the need for manual logging, and categorizes daytime movements for user assessment.

The Luna Ring goes beyond mere activity tracking by incorporating recovery considerations. The 'Readiness Score' furnishes a daily evaluation of one's physical preparedness based on sleep quality, activity levels, and recovery status. Features like sleep and activity balance facilitate enhanced training and rest cycles.

App Integration and Wearability

The companion app processes user data to generate insights such as Energy Index, Readiness Score, and Stress Level. It also offers recommendations for enhancing well-being and seamlessly integrates with popular platforms such as Google Fit and Apple Health.

Designed for everyday wear, the Luna Ring is crafted from sturdy titanium with a hypoallergenic, non-metallic PVD coating. Featuring a water resistance rating of up to 150 feet, it is suitable for workouts, splashes, and even brief swims. Noise asserts a battery life of up to five days on a single charge.

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