Next-Gen iPhones to Receive Reception Boost with Anokiwave Integration

Next-Gen iPhones to Receive Reception Boost with Anokiwave Integration

Apple is set to enhance its iPhone antenna capabilities with the help of a new chipmaker, as per a report from the supply chain. UMC has been contracted to produce vital chips for Apple's upcoming iPhones, which will be integrated into the new iPhone antenna modules. Production of these chips is steadily increasing.

New Chipmaker Enters the Scene

Qorvo, the supplier of power amplifiers for Apple, recently acquired Anokiwave, a wireless communication chipmaker. The chips from Anokiwave will be used in designing the new iPhone antenna components by Qorvo. These chips, incorporating UMC's 3DIC technology, are expected to play a crucial role in the iPhone antenna upgrade.

Focus on Efficiency and Connectivity

Sources from the industry indicate that Apple is adopting this new design approach to boost efficiency and improve reception capabilities in the upcoming iPhones. This aligns with the trend of integrating AI features in smartphones, where reliable connections play a vital role.

UMC's Continued Partnership with Apple

UMC has prior experience working with Apple components, having manufactured driver IC chips for Apple through NovaTek. By securing this new contract for critical component orders for iPhones, UMC solidifies its significance in Apple's intricate supply chain.

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