Next Galaxy Watch: Exciting Twist in the Works

Next Galaxy Watch: Exciting Twist in the Works

Samsung, known for its top-quality displays, might introduce a microLED display in its upcoming Galaxy Watch model. The Galaxy S24 Ultra gained attention for its anti-reflective layer atop a stunning AMOLED screen. Recent reports hint at Samsung's potential shift to microLED displays for its next smartwatch series.

Samsung's Move to MicroLED

The buzz around Samsung's next move centers on incorporating microLED displays into newer Galaxy Watch models. While earlier rumors pointed towards Apple adopting microLED for its Apple Watch Ultra, Samsung now takes the spotlight. Despite Samsung's prowess in display technology, their smartwatch sales trail behind Apple, posing a challenge for the profitability of integrating microLED displays.

Potential Release in 2025

Samsung, having ventured into microLED panels for televisions, may extend these advancements to smartwatches, following Apple's footsteps. However, Apple's readiness to embrace microLED screens in Apple Watches remains uncertain, which could also impact Samsung's plans. Speculations suggest a potential launch of a Galaxy Watch model featuring a microLED screen in 2025. Both companies' strategies around microLED technology remain unclear, with previous claims of Apple canceling microLED screen orders adding to the suspense. If these smartwatches do debut with microLED displays, consumers can anticipate a considerable price hike compared to previous models.

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