New Solid-State Battery Extends Phone & Wearable Battery Life

New Solid-State Battery Extends Phone & Wearable Battery Life

TDK Corporation, a prominent Japanese enterprise, specializes in manufacturing, distributing, and selling electronic components and devices. Renowned for its advanced magnetics technology, TDK is the leading global provider in this sector. Last year, the company achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first component manufacturer in India to produce iPhone batteries.

Breakthrough in Solid-State Battery Technology

Recently, TDK Corporation has announced a groundbreaking development in solid-state battery materials, achieving an energy density 100 times greater than their previous models.

This remarkable increase in energy density implies that more energy can be stored in a smaller space within a device. This advancement promises substantially longer battery life for compact, battery-powered gadgets like smartphones and wearables, including TWS earbuds, smartwatches, and smart rings.

The new solid-state battery boasts an energy density of 1,000 Wh/L, a massive leap from the energy density of TDK’s earlier solid-state batteries. TDK has credited this achievement to the incorporation of oxide-based solid electrolytes and lithium alloy anodes. The company plans to enhance the battery capacity further through multi-layer lamination technology and extend the operating temperature range by leveraging the production engineering expertise they have accumulated in the electronic components industry.

Safety and Environmental Impact

TDK ensures that these new high-energy density solid-state batteries are safe to use. The employment of oxide-based solid electrolytes significantly enhances the safety of these batteries. The company’s primary focus is to integrate these advanced high-density batteries into compact wearable devices. Additionally, TDK aims to replace traditional, non-rechargeable coin cell primary batteries, aligning with EU battery regulations that mandate rechargeable batteries. This innovation is expected to contribute to reducing the environmental impact.

By developing this groundbreaking battery technology, TDK Corporation is poised to revolutionize the compact electronics market, offering longer-lasting, safer, and more environmentally friendly power solutions.

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