New Leak of Google Pixel 9 Pro Case Reveals Pill-Shaped Design - Exclusive

New Leak of Google Pixel 9 Pro Case Reveals Pill-Shaped Design – Exclusive

Google Working on Pixel 9 Pro: Case Images and Design Details Leaked

Google is known for its annual launch event in October, where it unveils its latest Pixel series smartphones. Following the success of the Pixel 8 series, the brand is now focusing on the next iteration, the Pixel 9 series. Recently, CAD renders of the Pixel 9 Pro surfaced online, giving us a glimpse of what to expect. And now, we have obtained case images of the Pixel 9 Pro, revealing its design.

Final Design Revealed

These case images come from a reliable industry source who claims that this is the final design of the Pixel 9 Pro. The rendered image confirms the presence of a horizontal pill-shaped camera module, which was previously leaked. In the renders, we can see three camera lenses, along with a sensor and an LED flash situated in the right corner of the camera island.

Flat Edges and Display

Apart from the updated camera island, the Pixel 9 Pro is expected to feature flat edges, possibly indicating a flat display. This design choice aligns with the recent trend seen in the newly released Galaxy S24 smartphones, which also boast a similar flat design, reminiscent of recent iPhones. While this design shift offers a more visually appealing look compared to the curved design of the Pixel 8 Pro, it may sacrifice some comfort in hand-holding for the sake of aesthetics. Additionally, the SIM tray will be relocated from the left side to the top of the device, and the volume rocker and power buttons will be positioned on the right.

Specifications and Dimensions

According to leaked information, the Pixel 9 Pro is projected to have dimensions of 162.7 x 76.6 x 8.5mm. It is expected to sport a 6.5-inch flat display, slightly smaller than the 6.7-inch screen found in the Pixel 8 Pro. Powering the device will likely be the upcoming Tensor G4 chip, featuring CPU cores derived from Samsung’s Exynos 2400 SoC and a GPU designed by Google. On the other hand, rumors suggest that the Pixel 10 series will house the Tensor G5 chip, supposedly manufactured by TSMC based on Google’s in-house designs.

With the leaked case images and design details, anticipation for the Pixel 9 Pro continues to build. Google enthusiasts and smartphone users alike eagerly await the official launch event, where Google will showcase its latest innovations and advancements in the Pixel series.

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