New AOC Gaming Monitors 27G4X and 24G4X with Vivid 180Hz Full HD IPS Panels Revealed by AOC

New AOC Gaming Monitors 27G4X and 24G4X with Vivid 180Hz Full HD IPS Panels Revealed by AOC

AOC has recently launched two new gaming monitors under its AGON brand, the 24G4X and 27G4X, as part of its GAMING G4 series. These monitors are the successors to the G2 series and are packed with advanced features that are perfect for gaming enthusiasts and esports competitors.

AOC 27G4X / 24G4X Specifications:

The 24G4X is a 23.8-inch monitor, while the 27G4X is slightly larger at 27 inches. Both models have a resolution of 1920×1080 (Full HD) and are equipped with Fast IPS panels, known for their accurate colors and wide viewing angles. These panels allow for a high refresh rate of 180Hz and a rapid response time of up to 1 ms GTG. This combination ensures smooth and responsive gameplay, making these monitors particularly suitable for fast-paced gaming genres like FPS and battle royales.

Sleek Design and Practical Features:

In terms of design, both the 24G4X and 27G4X feature a new, sleek look inspired by the aesthetics of stealth aircraft, with sharp lines and modern grey accents. They have a compact base, providing more space for keyboards and mice, which is especially beneficial during intense gaming sessions. The design is also practical for multi-monitor setups due to their 3-sides borderless design.

Enhanced Connectivity and Adjustable Stand:

For connectivity, these monitors offer two HDMI 2.0 inputs, a DisplayPort 1.4 input, and a headphone jack. They also include built-in 2W speakers. The ergonomic stand of each monitor allows for various adjustments including height, swivel, tilt, and pivot, contributing to a comfortable viewing experience. Additionally, they are VESA mount compatible for those who prefer monitor arms.

Visual Performance and Gaming-Centric Technologies:

Regarding visual performance, both models support HDR10 for dynamic and vivid visuals and are NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible, which helps eliminate screen tearing and stutter. They also feature several gaming-centric technologies like Motion Blur Reduction, Shadow Control, and a smart crosshair feature for enhanced gaming precision.

Pricing and Availability:

Environmentally, AOC has improved the packaging by using paper cushioning, reducing environmental impact. These monitors are expected to be available soon, with the 24G4X priced at £149.99 and the 27G4X at £169.99. Both come with a 3-year warranty.

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