MSI Introduces AI-Powered Gaming Laptops in India with Cutting-Edge Hardware

MSI Introduces AI-Powered Gaming Laptops in India with Cutting-Edge Hardware

Just recently, MSI made a significant entrance into the Indian market by unveiling a range of new products. Among these releases were the Titan 18 HX, Raider 18 HX, and Stealth 18 AI Studio laptops, in addition to a new 27-inch 2K 180Hz monitor and the MSI Claw A1M handheld gaming console. Now, let's take a closer look at the other AI-powered gaming laptops that MSI has recently introduced, catering to both high-power and mainstream gaming segments.

MSI Vector HX, Crosshair HX, & Pulse AI

In the realm of high-power gaming, MSI presents the Vector 16/17 HX, Crosshair 16/17 HX, and Pulse 16/17 AI laptops. The Vector 17 HX stands out with MSI Overboost technology, delivering a substantial 250W total power output to enhance the performance of its CPU and GPU. On the other hand, the Crosshair HX and Pulse AI series boast a cutting-edge thermal design featuring 6 exhaust and 2 intake ports for optimal cooling. These models showcase innovative design elements, such as the futuristic spacecraft pattern on the Crosshair HX and the electromagnetic pulse pattern on the Pulse AI. Additionally, they offer 24-zone RGB keyboard backlighting for a customizable aesthetic.

MSI Sword HX, Cyborg, & Thin 15

For mainstream gaming enthusiasts, MSI offers the Sword 16/17 HX, Cyborg 15 AI, and Thin 15 laptops. The Sword series provides an immersive gaming experience coupled with a visually striking design incorporating 24-zone RGB lighting. The Cyborg 15 AI is equipped with Intel Core Ultra processors and features a futuristic translucent chassis. For users seeking a more portable option, the Thin 15 stands out with its sleek design and a translucent WASD blue backlit keyboard.

Pricing and Availability

All the new models are powered by Intel's latest 14th Gen or Ultra series processors, paired with Nvidia's GeForce 4000 series graphics cards. Here is the pricing breakdown for the high-end models in India:

  • Vector 17 HX – Starts from 269,990 INR
  • Vector 16 HX – Starts from 229,990 INR
  • Crosshair 16 HX – Starts from 162,990 INR
  • Pulse 17 AI – Starts from 194,990 INR
  • Pulse 16 AI – Starts from 167,990 INR

For those interested in the mainstream gaming lineup, here are the respective prices:

  • Cyborg 15 AI – Starts from 111,990 INR
  • Sword 16 HX – Starts from 139,990 INR
  • Thin 15 – Starts from 73,990 INR
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