Motorola Releases Android 14 Update for 2023 Razr Phones

Motorola Releases Android 14 Update for 2023 Razr Phones

Motorola has a reputation for being slow with software updates across its devices. While the company excels in providing top-notch hardware at competitive prices, it often neglects the critical aspect of timely software updates essential for long-term usability and security. This pattern is consistent across their entire range, from budget devices to flagship models.

Recently, the Motorola Razr 2023 foldables, which launched with Android 13, have finally been updated. Reports indicate that Motorola has begun rolling out the Android 14 update for these phones.

Android 14 Update Details

Initially shared on Reddit and later verified by tech blogs like 9to5Google, the update introduces Android 14 and the May 2024 security patch to older Razr and Razr+ models. Razr+ users also gain a few new features for the external cover screen, such as Always On Display (AOD) functionality.

However, the update rollout appears to be phased, so not all users will get it simultaneously. Some might find the update available sooner than others, making it a waiting game until it reaches all eligible devices.

Geographic Rollout

The rollout currently seems concentrated on the US market. Users outside the US may need to be patient. Motorola’s official website has a support page for the update, but the international rollout has yet to commence.

This sluggish update strategy comes nearly nine months after Google released Android 14 for Pixel phones. While Motorola should be credited for eventually providing the update, the slow deployment and lack of clear communication remain significant concerns.

Looking Ahead to Android 15

With discussions around Android 14, it’s natural to anticipate the arrival of Android 15. The pressing question is whether the Razr and Razr+ will receive this update and, if so, when it will be available.

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