Motorola Edge 50 Receives Android 14 Update in India

Motorola Edge 50 Receives Android 14 Update in India

Motorola India has started rolling out an Android 14 update for users of their Motorola Edge 40 smartphone in India, without officially announcing it themselves or via any form of social media announcement such as X (formerly Twitter). A user was quick to notice this development via social media platform X and shared his discovery of it via that service.

Motorola previously pledged two major updates for their device; thus this latest 1.49GB update may likely receive Android 15 in due course. Users have begun receiving it gradually over time.

Android 14 Update Enhancements

The Android 14 update enhances user control over personal data, enabling better management of permissions for photos, videos, and location sharing. Notable features include:

  • Selective media sharing, which allows users to grant access to specific images or videos instead of all media.
  • Enhanced transparency regarding apps sharing location data with third parties and notifications regarding any policy alterations in data sharing.
  • Alerts for users if an unknown Bluetooth tracker is detected moving with them.
  • Integration of Health Connect, providing a centralized platform to store health data, with controls over shared data with fitness apps.
  • Flash notifications for incoming alerts, with customizable settings for camera light, screen light, or both, respecting Do Not Disturb modes.

Update Progress for Other Models

Motorola announced recently in India that their Moto G84 5G handset would receive Android 14 shortly, although with some delay. This indicates that more eligible models may soon receive this update from Motorola.

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