Moonshine MagLight: MagSafe Power Bank with Ring Light

Moonshine MagLight: MagSafe Power Bank with Ring Light

The Moonshine MagLight battery pack stands out as a MagSafe power bank with a robust ring light. This device not only charges your smartphone but also aids in enhancing your photography. It is promoted as one of the most cutting-edge products available.

Enhancing Smartphone Photography

With the growing trend of smartphone photography due to its affordability and vast marketing opportunities, the smartphone camera has become an essential tool for small-scale entrepreneurs. Proper lighting during photo sessions is crucial, as a well-lit photo can significantly boost marketing efforts. The Moonshine MagLight battery pack is a MagSafe accessory featuring an integrated ring light, ideal for selfies or other photography needs. Unlike the standard smartphone flash, this new ring light offers superior illumination, making it a valuable addition for amateur photographers.

Innovative Features

The Moonside MagLight claims to be the world’s first MagSafe power bank with an integrated RGB light strip that can be customized remotely. It houses a 4,000mAh battery, sufficient to power both your phone and the dynamic red light strips. These strips can be utilized with either the primary or selfie camera of your smartphone, providing essential natural light. The MagLight includes magnetic stickers that enable Android smartphones to be MagSafe-compatible.

Moonside, known for its diverse range of lighting products, highlights the MagLight as a significant addition to its collection. The brand is well-recognized in the indoor ambient light market, especially with the popular Moonside Lighthouse bedside light. The Moonside MagLight battery pack features a portable design and contains 67 LED lights, delivering comprehensive lighting. These lights reach a maximum brightness of 660 lumens, which can be creatively utilized in various settings.

Pricing and Availability

The Moonside MagLight battery pack is a noteworthy product worth considering. It is available for purchase directly from the Moonside online store, currently priced at approximately $78. Customers also have the option to buy the creative bundle for around $103.

Moonshine MagLight: MagSafe Power Bank with Ring Light
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