LG Display reveals new 480Hz OLED panel specifically designed for gaming monitors

LG Display reveals new 480Hz OLED panel specifically designed for gaming monitors

LG Display has recently introduced a new contender in the high-end gaming monitor market. This 27-inch OLED panel boasts an impressive 480Hz refresh rate, coupled with a crisp 1440p resolution.

Surpassing its own “Dual-Hz” monitor, which required a switch to 1080p in order to achieve a 480Hz refresh rate, LG’s latest offering delivers the full refresh rate at its native 1440p resolution. This is a significant advancement that directly challenges Samsung’s recent OLED panel, which offers a 360Hz refresh rate at 1440p. LG’s panel not only offers a higher refresh rate, but it also maintains a sharper resolution.

However, it is important to note that the 480Hz refresh rate may be excessive for most gamers. Studies suggest that the maximum observable rate for the human eye ranges from 50-90Hz, with some individuals reaching over 500Hz under specific conditions. Therefore, the 480Hz refresh rate sits right at the edge of human perception in optimal scenarios.

In addition to the impressive refresh rate, the panel also boasts a remarkable 0.03ms response time, which is claimed to be the fastest on the market. These advanced features are certainly impressive, but it’s worth mentioning that they come at a price. OLED screens are already expensive, and LG’s latest technology is expected to make them even pricier.

Beyond its raw speed, LG’s “META Technology” promises improvements in brightness and viewing angles. The company also claims that the panel emits the “lowest level of blue light in the industry,” which will help reduce eye fatigue during extended gaming sessions.

While specific monitor models featuring this panel have not been announced yet, LG plans to roll them out within the first half of 2024. Additionally, the upcoming CES 2024 event will showcase LG’s entire lineup of OLED gaming displays, ranging from 27 inches to a hefty 45 inches.

In conclusion, LG’s new OLED panel pushes the boundaries of gaming display technology, although its practical benefits may be limited to a niche audience. Gamers who prioritize high refresh rates and sharp resolutions will certainly appreciate the advancements offered by this new monitor. However, for the average gamer, the 480Hz refresh rate may not provide a noticeable difference in gameplay experience.

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