Lenovo Unveils MK9 Mechanical Keyboard: 98 Keys, Type-C

Lenovo Unveils MK9 Mechanical Keyboard: 98 Keys, Type-C

Lenovo has recently introduced the MK9 wired mechanical keyboard, now available on e-commerce sites like JD.com. This keyboard is priced starting at 99 yuan ($14) and is expected to be available for pre-sale on JD.com soon. The MK9 is offered in four colors: Sakura White, Obsidian Black, Elegant Pink, and Sky Blue, catering to various aesthetic tastes.

Lenovo MK9 Keyboard Specifications

The Lenovo MK9 keyboard features a Gasket structure and a 98-key layout, reducing the size by roughly 20% compared to traditional 104-key layouts, making it more compact and efficient in terms of space usage.

The keyboard is constructed with double-shot injection keycaps, which use two colors of plastic to ensure clear and sharp fonts, minimizing character wear and extending the lifespan of the keys. It employs red switch key switches designed for a smooth typing experience, offering excellent tactile feedback.

The key switches have a lifespan of 20 million keystrokes, utilizing special material contacts that reduce oxidation, meeting long-term usage needs.

Additional Features

The keyboard also includes a PET soundproof cushion that optimizes keystroke sound performance, making it quieter and more suitable for office use. It features a Type-C interface with a detachable cable design, enhancing portability and ease of storage.

From an ergonomic perspective, the MK9 is equipped with a two-stage foot support design, offering three adjustable heights for comfort and adaptability to various typing positions. It also includes a satellite-axis balancing rod, which improves the stability and performance of larger keys.

Convenient Controls

The MK9 is also fitted with a rotary volume adjustment knob for intuitive and easy control of audio levels, which also supports a one-key mute function, adding to the keyboard's convenience. The dimensions are approximately 389.79 x 143.79 x 41.72mm, and it weighs around 780g±50g, making it a solid and sturdy option for users.

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