Samsung Galaxy Watch FE Revealed in Latest One UI Update

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE Revealed in Latest One UI Update

Samsung's FE series has been quite successful with their Galaxy S smartphones, and there are speculations that they might expand this to foldable phones. The FE branding may not stop at phones alone. Reports indicate that Samsung is also planning to introduce a smartwatch to the FE series – the Galaxy Watch FE.

Recently, Android Headlines discovered the newest firmware builds for the Galaxy Watch FE on Samsung’s OTA servers. The watch is identified with the model number SM-R861, which is a WiFi version, according to the report.

Firmware Details

The software version R861XXU0AXE5/R8610XM0AXE5 for the smartwatch features the letter “A,” indicating it is the first One UI build for the device, and “XE,” which points to a May 2024 release of the firmware.

Additionally, the publication mentions that it has seen five test builds on the server, implying that Samsung is actively developing the Watch FE. These test builds also show that the Wi-Fi variants of the Watch FE will be available in Korea, Europe, and Turkey.

Similarities to Galaxy Watch 4

Examining the model number more closely, the Watch FE (SM-R861) is similar to the Galaxy Watch4 (SM-R860). Rumors suggest that the Watch FE will share specifications with the Galaxy Watch 4, and this leak further supports that theory.

Moreover, the smartwatch was previously seen with model numbers SM-R866F, SM-R866U, and SM-R866N in the IMEI database. According to Android Headlines, these are likely the LTE variants of the Watch FE.

Historically, FE devices maintain the essential features of their premium counterparts while omitting non-essential elements to reduce costs. The upcoming Galaxy Watch FE is expected to continue this trend.

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