Leaked Launch Date of Huawei Pocket S2 Reveals Possible Debut of New Notebook Featuring Kirin PC Processor

Leaked Launch Date of Huawei Pocket S2 Reveals Possible Debut of New Notebook Featuring Kirin PC Processor

Huawei Pocket S2 and New Notebook with Kirin PC Set for 2024 Launch

Rumors have been circulating since November 2023 about the highly anticipated Huawei Pocket S2 foldable phone. Initially, it was speculated that the device would make its debut in December. However, a recent report in December claimed that the launch had been delayed until early 2024. Now, a reliable leaker from China has revealed the official launch date for the Pocket S2. Additionally, the leaker also leaked information about a new Huawei notebook that will come equipped with the company’s in-house processor.

Huawei Pocket S2 Launch Date

According to the Chinese leaker, the Huawei Pocket S2 is expected to be officially announced on February 27. This suggests that the unveiling of the device might take place during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 tech event. The leaker further mentioned that the Pocket S2 could be powered by an underclocked version of the Kirin 9000s processor.

New Notebook with Kirin PC Processor

In addition to the Pocket S2, the leaker also revealed that Huawei will be launching a new laptop featuring the Kirin PC processor. Although the leaker did not provide specific details about the launch timeframe, it is likely that the notebook will be unveiled alongside the Pocket S2.

Kirin PC Processor Specifications

Another leaker recently shared some specifications about Huawei’s Kirin PC processor. The processor is said to feature 4 x TSV large cores, 4 x TSV medium cores, Maleoon 910 with 8-10cu for graphics, dual large-core NPU (Ascend Lite), dual micro-core NPU (Ascend Tiny), up to 32GB LPDDR5-6400 RAM, up to 2TB SSD storage, and support for 2 or 3 x USB 4.0. Its performance is expected to be comparable to Apple’s A12Z chip. The Maleoon 910 is Huawei’s in-house developed GPU. It is likely that the Kirin processor powered PC will run on the Harmony OS.

While specific details about the Huawei Pocket S2 and the new notebook are still scarce, the leaked information has generated excitement among Huawei enthusiasts. With the official launch date set for February 27, fans will soon get to see what Huawei has in store for them in terms of foldable phones and laptops powered by their own processors.

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