iQOO Neo 9s Pro Allegedly 3C Certified, Launch Expected in Weeks

iQOO Neo 9s Pro Allegedly 3C Certified, Launch Expected in Weeks

iQOO recently unveiled their sub-flagship offerings iQOO Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro as part of December 2023, while there have been reports that another Neo 9 series phone is on its way; its official name remains undisclosed though many speculate its possible naming could include Neo 9s Pro (or Racing Edition) device - this has recently been hinted by 3C certification database listing of an unknown Vivo handset possibly hinting towards it's imminent arrival as Neo 9s Pro device.

3C Certification Reveals Potential Neo 9s Prototype

Existing models of the iQOO Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro sold in China carry model numbers V2338A and V2339A respectively; recently however, another device marked with this same model number received approval by China's 3C authority, fuelling speculation as to its identity or possible connections to this series of smartphones.

Possible Upgrade to IQOO Neo 9s Pro?

Given their close similarity in model numbers, it seems possible that V2339FA device could represent a new iteration of the iQOO Neo 9 Pro; most likely its anticipated variant, Neo 9s Pro. Further verification must take place to ascertain its exact identity and name.

The 3C certification of the V2339FA device suggests its inclusion of a 120W fast charger; however, details regarding it remain scarce at present.

Vivo may launch its Vivo X100s and Vivo X100s Pro smartphones in China next month with support for the Dimensity 9300 Plus chipset; reports state this possibility exists with Neo 9s Pro as well.

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