Meta Reveals Next-Gen AI Chip "Artemis"

Meta Reveals Next-Gen AI Chip “Artemis”

Meta Platforms recently unveiled details about its forthcoming artificial intelligence chip dubbed Artemis, designed to meet growing processing power demands for running AI features across their social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Addressing Dependency On External Suppliers

Artemis represents Meta's move away from external suppliers like Nvidia for AI chip production and toward in-house chip development, in an effort to take back control over their hardware infrastructure while cutting energy consumption costs.

Optimize Architecture For Improved Functionality

Meta has designed Artemis with its dual objectives in mind. First, Artemis' architecture was carefully engineered to balance computing power, memory bandwidth and capacity efficiently - thus making Artemis ideal for improving ranking and recommendation systems that form integral parts of social media platforms' operations.

Future Growth And Collaboration Strategies

Meta has not shied away from its partnership with Nvidia since Artemis debuted, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg affirming their intentions of purchasing significant quantities of Nvidia H100 flagship chips throughout 2019. Meta plans on amassing over 600k AI chips by 2024 from various providers other than just Nvidia alone.

Artemis was developed using Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co's (TSMC) cutting-edge 5nm process and boasts an incredible threefold increase in performance when compared with Meta's initial AI processor. Artemis is now deployed within Meta data centers worldwide supporting an array of AI applications while Meta plans on expanding Artemis to accommodate generative AI workloads in near future.

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