iPhone 16 Pro Models Could Receive New Lens Coating

iPhone 16 Pro Models Could Receive New Lens Coating

Based on available information, it appears that the new iPhone 16 will offer some noticeable upgrades over its predecessor - one notable change being a dedicated capture button. Furthermore, recent reports point towards inclusion of lens coating technology which would potentially address two significant camera system flaws of its predecessor iPhone 15 series camera system, making a substantial upgrade on photography capabilities of their own.

Innovation for Iphone 16 Pro Models with Regards Lens Coating Innovation

Apple's innovation for its iPhone 16 Pro models involves an all-new lens coating designed to address lens flare and ghosting issues, according to tipster Yeux1122 of Naver. Apple may employ ALD (atomic layer deposition) technology - an application of ultrathin layers of elements measuring only nanometers thick - uniformly across surfaces in order to resolve camera challenges such as lens flare.

Addressing Lens Flare And Ghosting

Lens flare occurs when unwanted light reflects from lenses onto sensors and becomes noticeable when photographing bright subjects in darker backgrounds, while ghosting arises due to light reflection off their lens surface. Ghosting often appears during low light scenarios like low contrast subjects against darker backgrounds. Apple has proposed coating which aims to diminish reflective index of glass surface so as to decrease ghosting effect; ultimately reducing haziness in final images produced. Apple expects this innovative coating will only be included on iPhone 16 Pro variants similar to previous years when features like titanium frames were restricted solely limited exclusively on Pro models similar to Titanium Frame and Dynamic Island features were limited exclusively on versions of 14 Pro models last year.

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