Introducing Huawei's 600kW Liquid-cooled Supercharging Station in Turkey

Introducing Huawei’s 600kW Liquid-cooled Supercharging Station in Turkey

Electric vehicle drivers in Turkey now have a fantastic reason to rejoice! The country's inaugural liquid-cooled supercharging station, a joint effort involving Enerji SA, Zebra, and Huawei Digital Energy, has officially commenced operations. This cutting-edge supercharger, previously previewed, offers a unique charging experience. Picture this: upon arrival, you can enjoy your favorite beverage, and by the time you finish, your car will be fully charged. This innovative technology promises a swift "cup of coffee and a full charge" encounter.

High-speed Charging Terminals

The rapid refueling capability of this station is powered by Huawei's 600kW liquid-cooled supercharging host, combined with Zebra's 500kW ultra-fast charging terminals, enabling the simultaneous charging of up to four vehicles. This setup drastically reduces wait times for EV owners on the move.

Emphasis on Sustainability

Beyond just speed, the system underscores its dedication to sustainability. A rooftop photovoltaic system with an optimizer utilizes solar energy, with provisions made for potential integration of an energy storage system. EnerjiSA further underscores its commitment to green energy by issuing green energy certifications for the electricity consumed at the station.

Future Prospects

This initiative represents a significant leap for both Turkey and Huawei. It aligns with Huawei's ambitious target of deploying tens of thousands of ultra-fast charging stations across China by 2024, aiming to provide "high-quality charging wherever there are roads." With Turkey's inaugural station proving successful, could this technology be paving the road for a future of rapid, environmentally friendly EV charging on a global scale? Time will tell!

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