Ice-Cold Gaming: Nubia Red Magic VC 5 Pro Liquid Cooler Pre-Order

Ice-Cold Gaming: Nubia Red Magic VC 5 Pro Liquid Cooler Pre-Order

The smartphone market is currently experiencing heightened competitiveness among various tech giants such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and others who are vying for market dominance. This intense rivalry has led to a multitude of similar phones flooding the market, especially within the realm of Android devices, causing confusion for consumers. To differentiate themselves in this crowded market, brands are now focusing on catering to specific user demographics.

Niche Market Targeting: Gaming Phones

In response to the growing demand for mobile gaming, several manufacturers have recognized the need to develop specialized gaming phones to meet the requirements of gamers. Nubia, a company renowned for its five-generation legacy in gaming phones under the Red Magic brand, stands out as a prime example of this trend.

Introducing the Red Magic VC 5 Pro Liquid Smartphone Cooler

Nubia has recently unveiled the Red Magic VC 5 Pro liquid-cooler, an accessory designed to enhance the mobile gaming experience. Priced at 269 yuan (with a limited-time offer of 229 yuan), this liquid-cooler promises to significantly reduce your phone's temperature by up to 35℃, ensuring optimal performance during gaming sessions.

The Red Magic VC 5 Pro Liquid Cooling System incorporates advanced technologies such as a large VC liquid cooling plate, AI temperature control accessible via an Android app, and a powerful 7-blade cooling fan. This system, which includes a custom TEC cooling chip and liquid cooling technology, delivers a 34% power boost over previous models and enhances overall performance by an impressive 50%.

For added convenience, the liquid-cooler attaches magnetically to smartphones and comes with a traditional back clip-style radiator for compatibility with other devices. Android users can personalize the device with customizable RGB lighting effects. It's important to note that to utilize the full 36W power, a charger of 9V3A or higher is required, as specified by the official statement.

You can now pre-order the Nubia Red Magic VC 5 Pro liquid-cooler, with the official release scheduled for March 29th at 10:30. Take advantage of the special limited-time offer pricing of 229 yuan before it returns to the regular price of 269 yuan.

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