Newly Released: Huawei Unveils Dual Port SuperCharge Max 100W Charger

Newly Released: Huawei Unveils Dual Port SuperCharge Max 100W Charger

Huawei SuperCharge Max 100W: A Powerful and Versatile Charger

Huawei has silently introduced a new charger in China, known as the Huawei SuperCharge Max 100W. This product can now be found on the company’s official website, although the price has not been disclosed yet.

Powerful and Multi-functional

True to its name, the Huawei SuperCharge Max 100W is designed to support Huawei’s proprietary charging standard, SuperCharge, with an impressive output of up to 100W. However, this charger is not limited to just one charging standard. It also supports other popular standards such as USB PD (Power Delivery), PPS (Programmable Power Supply), Qualcomm QC (Quick Charge), and UFCS (Universal Fast Charging Specification). With this all-in-one charger, users can conveniently charge their devices using different standards.

Dual Ports with Safety Features

The charger features both a USB Type-A port and a USB Type-C port. However, it’s important to note that only one port can be used at a time. This design allows users to connect their devices using the appropriate port, depending on their charging needs.

In terms of safety, the Huawei SuperCharge Max 100W comes equipped with 12 layers of protection. These layers include protection against short circuits, electromagnetic fields, overcurrent, over temperature, undervoltage, electrostatic discharge, lightning strikes, overvoltage, intelligent power response, plug issues, leakage, and insulation problems. These safety measures ensure that your devices are charged safely and efficiently.

Impressive Charging Speeds

Huawei claims that this charger is capable of filling up to 60% of the Nova 12 Pro’s 4,600mAh battery in just 10 minutes. Moreover, it can charge the batteries of other Huawei devices significantly within 30 minutes. For example, in just half an hour, the Mate 60 Pro, Mate 60, Mate X5, and P60 Pro can reach battery levels of 98%, 93%, 86%, and 97% respectively. These fast charging speeds make the Huawei SuperCharge Max 100W an ideal companion for users who are always on the go and need their devices to be charged quickly.

Stylish and Lightweight

The Huawei SuperCharge Max 100W comes in a sleek light pink color, adding a touch of elegance to your charging setup. Weighing about 125g, it is also lightweight and portable, making it convenient to carry around wherever you go. However, it’s worth noting that it is unclear if Huawei will release this charger in other colors.

In conclusion, the Huawei SuperCharge Max 100W is a powerful and versatile charger that provides fast and efficient charging for various Huawei devices. With its support for multiple charging standards and advanced safety features, it offers a reliable and convenient charging solution. While the price is still unknown, this charger is definitely worth considering for Huawei users in need of a high-quality charging accessory.

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