Huawei Lingxi Pointing Remote Control Introduced in China at 999 yuan ($140)

Huawei Lingxi Pointing Remote Control Introduced in China at 999 yuan ($140)

The Huawei Lingxi Pointing Remote Control: A Revolutionary Device for Absolute Pointing Interaction

At the Huawei launch event held last week, the company introduced the Smart Screen V5 and the Lingxi Pointing Remote Control. The Huawei Lingxi pointing remote control is hailed as the world's first absolute pointing interaction gadget, offering innovative functionality that allows users to accurately point to and select targets without the need for step-by-step switching.

Unveiling the Features

During its winter all-scenario new product launch conference, Huawei showcased a range of products, including the Lingxi pointing remote control. This Chinese tech giant has been steadily rising despite the challenges posed by the US sanctions. As part of its survival strategy, Huawei has diversified its business model beyond telecommunications, venturing into new tech areas.

The Lingxi remote control utilizes a laser pointer, enabling users to perform jump selection, dragging, sliding, and other actions effortlessly. Additionally, users can conveniently engage in tasks such as liking, commenting, forwarding, and more. The Lingxi remote control also proves to be versatile, as it can be used for playing board games like Chess, marking files, dragging and dropping videos, and more.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Equipped with Lingxi spatial positioning technology and ultra-precise pose fusion technology, the Huawei pointing remote control offers a seamless cursor trajectory and an air-to-air touch experience with impeccable accuracy. It features a built-in antenna and a voice button that can be long-pressed to activate the smart screen smart assistant, enabling users to perform various tasks, including turning off the air conditioner. The remote control emits a beep to guide the direction and supports the retrieval function.

Pricing and Availability

Currently, the Huawei Lingxi pointing remote control is only compatible with the Huawei Smart Screen V5 series. However, it is expected that the list of compatible devices will be expanded in the future to enhance its versatility. The Lingxi pointing remote control is available for purchase from Huawei Mall at a price of 999 yuan ($140).

With its groundbreaking absolute pointing interaction capabilities and advanced technologies, the Huawei Lingxi pointing remote control is set to revolutionize the way users interact with their devices. Whether it's for entertainment, productivity, or convenience, this innovative gadget offers a seamless and intuitive user experience.

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