Google One Achieves Over 100 Million Subscribers

Google One Achieves Over 100 Million Subscribers

Google One, Google’s cloud storage subscription service, has reached a major milestone by exceeding 100 million paying subscribers. CEO Sundar Pichai underscores the company’s plans to boost future expansion with its recently launched AI Premium Plan.

Pricing Plans

Google One offers a way for users to increase their storage capacity beyond the free 15GB provided with services like Gmail, Drive, and Photos. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the pricing plans:

  • Basic (100GB): $1.99/month or $19.99/year. Includes sharing with up to five users, additional photo editing features like Magic Eraser, VPN access, and dark web monitoring.
  • Standard (200GB): $2.99/month or $29.99/year. The primary difference is a 3% reward on Google Store purchases.
  • Premium (2TB and up): Starts at $9.99/month or $99.99/year, offering larger storage, Google Workspace premium features (for tools like Meet and Calendar), and a 10% reward on Google Store purchases. There are higher tiers than 2TB for those needing even more storage.

Apart from this, the company recently launched the AI Premium plan ($19.99/month) that introduces powerful tools built on Google’s Gemini AI model.

AI Premium Features

These features offer advanced capabilities like generating drafts in Gmail, organizing content in Slides, and providing data visualizations within Sheets. Subscribers on plans with 5TB or more storage currently have a limited-time trial of AI Premium features until July 31, 2024, for free.

Google intends to make AI Premium available to other subscriber groups, including Google Fi Unlimited users and those who pay for Google One through third-party billing providers.

Pichai emphasizes that the addition of these AI features is pivotal to the service’s continued growth. This subscriber milestone for Google One interestingly coincides with YouTube Music + Premium also reaching 100 million users.

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